Monday, December 17, 2007

Cairns, Australia

Dec. 10th thru Dec. 17th

I caught a flight to Cairns {pronounced cans} as soon as I arrived at the Sydney airport from Auckland. Cairns is a great town on the coast that has approx. 180,000 people but has over 3 million tourists each year. My purpose for coming here was to learn to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef but also hade a chance to visit the Tablelands which is also a World Heritage Site. We swam at the different waterfalls but the water was freezing.


cherylco said...

hey - its cheryl from the dive trip. just got around to looking at your blog - good photos. hope christmas and new year were good, i'll maybe be sending an email to everyone from the trip soon so we can share more pictures. bye and safe travels.

DawnMarie said...

You've seen more than Australia than i have and Iv lived here for over 2 years.. LOL
I have to get out more. !!!!!

Im in Sydney !! love it !!!
Iv been to all the major cities, including Tasmania.
But have not been diving yet. And thats one of my favorite thing to do.

The water is a bit to cold for me here.. Ill have to plan a trip north the the reef.

So exciting.. you've been all over !!!
I love it.. Good on ya, mate !